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Baby Sleeping

Toddler Sleep Support
(1-5 years)

Lack of sleep comes with the territory when having young children but feeling sleep deprived can affect lots of elements of family life, therefore I believe that you can try and gain a balance between the needs of your child and the needs as a family.

I Can Help With:

  • An alternative to 'Cry it out'

  • Unmanageable frequent waking

  • Bedtime battles

  • Understanding sleep norms for age

  • Setting up a positive bedtime routine

  • Safe sleep information

  • Nap time stress

  • Transitions

Baby & Toddler Sleep Support: About

What Is Baby & Toddler Sleep Support?

Sleep disruption is a normal part of having children. However, that does not make it easy, it also means you haven't done anything wrong and you are not failing. The process is about sharing sleep biology information, looking at the full picture and what other things affect sleep, share strategies that optimise sleep in a gentle way and most importantly- build confidence so you feel able to relax and use your instincts.

Gentle Approach

Holistic View

Evidence Based Information

Baby & Toddler Sleep Support: List

Price Options


1:1 Coaching Session

Customised Plan 


1:1 Coaching Session

Customised Plan

+ 6 Weeks Email/WhatsApp Support to Implement Plan

+2 Check-in Calls

Home Packages available on request

Baby & Toddler Sleep Support: List
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