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Potty Training Support

Potty training can feel like something scary and you may have a feeling of confusion of how you want to approach the process. This will be the first thing you are teaching your child that has an actual goal and end result so being able to teach your child how to go to the toilet independently in a positive way is a great way to bond and connect with your child. 

What I can help with:

  • Readiness

  • Preparation Support

  • Regressions

  • Set Backs

  • Confidence In The Process

  • Fear Of The Potty

  • Repeating Potty Training 

  • Childcare Support

Potty Training Support: About

What Is Potty Training Support?

I like to refer to potty training as “teaching”. By changing the way we look at the process to teaching, you will come at it with patience, confidence and kindness. Each child is very different, so I try to get to know your child and support you to go at your child’s pace. By staying consistent and confident, your child too becomes confident and independent. I will give you all the information to prepare you for the process and talk about your worries and concerns and build your confidence to teach this life long skill in a loving and positive way.
We will talk about child readiness and what this looks like, the mental and physical preparation for both parents and child, a detailed description of the stages of potty training, support as you are going through the process and strategies and problem solving unique to your child and family.

Teaching Approach

Personalised Guide

Support & Build Confidence

Potty Training Support: List

Price Options


Regression Support

1:1 coaching

Follow up notes and personalised plan

*extra Whatsapp support available on request*


1:1 Coaching Session- Introduction, preparation & Readiness

Step By Step Guide - Suited to your child

2 weeks Email/ WhatsApp Support

1 Follow up Call

Home Visit Package available on request

Potty Training Support: List
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