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Hayley gave me confidence step by step with potty training- My son is very sensitive and was showing all the signs he was ready to start using the potty, she was mindful of his needs and how to teach him in the right way for him. This gave my son so much confidence and independence! He is now thriving with his potty training! Thank you Hayley :)

Potty Training Support


Hayley is totally dedicated and caring. She ensures that through play children, can develop a broad range of skills. Children learn how to be highly independent and are exceptionally well prepared for future learning.


We couldn't have done it without Hayley! In the space of 2 weeks my 2.5 year old was using the potty exclusively for all toileting and even using it out and about at family and friends. Couldn't have done it without her continued support. 

Potty Training Support


We loved her gentle approach to sleep coaching, which took our family situation into account. We always felt fully understood and with a couple of adjustments to the original sleep plan made all the difference. 

Hayley is patient, super organised and always comes up with ideas to help us out.

Hayley is our wonderful baby whisperer!

Baby Sleep Support

Orchard Family

I contacted Hayley as I was feeling trapped in a cycle of power struggles and meltdown mayhem with my 4 year old and was beginning to dread bedtime and confrontations with him.

Hayley really listened and understood what I was going through and I didn't feel judged once. She really helped me break the cycles of behaviour and see things much clearer. Of course there are still meltdowns but not so many and I have Hayley's advice in my head.

Its really turned things around for our family and I feel like I can cope again. Thank you so much!

Child Behaviour Support


Hayley helped us with our toddler bedtimes, baby's sleep and some challenging toddler behaviours. Her clear advice, encouragement and warmth gave us the confidence to make changes and improve our family life. She gave so much support throughout the time we were seeking her help which kept us going if doubts crept in. Her manner enabled us to explore with honesty how we felt and how to make headway. We contacted her when heard about her through a friend and we are so glad we did!

Baby & Toddler Sleep Support

Toddler Behaviour Support


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