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Supporting families to raise their children with confidence and to find the joy in parenting

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Hi, I'm Hayley - Little Ones at Home is all about supporting parents with children aged 0-5 years old.

Specialising in toddler behaviour, baby & toddler sleep, and potty training. 

The goal at Little Ones at Home is to provide parents with the support and confidence to reduce your stress level, and help you to find more joy and satisfaction in your role as a parent.

In taking a holistic approach I am able to provide unique guidance to assist parents in achieving a more relaxed and confident approach to family life.

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How I Can Help

Raising children can be really tough at times, it’s a wild emotional and physical rollercoaster! We need all the help we can get, not just through the joys, but through the challenges too. By trusting me with your family I promise to be a supportive ear, provide you with useful insights and information and help you while you implement change that is comfortable and right for you.

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Toddler Behaviour


Power Struggles

Big Life Changes

Sibling Rivalry

Confidence & Self Esteem

Setting Boundaries

Toddler Aggression

Emotional Resilience 

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Toddler Sleep

Alternative To 'Cry it out'

Frequent Waking

Bedtime Battles

Sleep Norms For Age

Bedtime Routine

Safe Sleep Information

Nap Time Stress


Potty Training

Preparation Support
Set Backs
Confidence In The Process
Fear Of The Potty
Repeating Potty Training 
Childcare Support

My Story


It has been a privilege to have worked with families for over 20 years. I have always had a passion for understanding, encouraging and teaching each child I have had the pleasure of knowing.

I am qualified in child development, certified in sleep coaching and rated “outstanding” by Ofsted for my work with children and families.

By owning my own early years setting, I have been able to focus on how children learn, interact and grow, which has been a joy, and given me wonderful insight into how each child is special and unique.

My experience with families is something I am incredibly proud of and what really makes me who I am. I have learnt so much from each and every one. 

I have also worked internationally, in family homes and gained extended knowledge with training and research.

And……..importantly, I am a mum! I am a mum of three, who started motherhood under the most extreme and difficult circumstances. This is the biggest motivation of why I have created Little Ones At Home. I completely empathise that life can feel overwhelming and raising children can feel like a rollercoaster of phases, stages and milestones. Support is key to relieve this pressure pot so we can get to the important things as a family…..laughing, loving and connecting.

My passion is supporting families by building confidence and empowering parents to find the joy in parenting.

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We loved her gentle approach to sleep coaching, which took our family situation into account. We always felt fully understood and with a couple of adjustments to the original sleep plan made all the difference. 

Hayley is patient, super organised and always comes up with ideas to help us out.

Hayley is our wonderful baby whisperer!

- Child & Baby Sleep Support

Orchard Family

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