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Welcome to Little Ones at Home - Parent & Toddler Coaching, where the adventure of parenting meets the magic of growth and learning!

Are you tired of sleepless nights with your toddler? Are tantrums taking over your daily routine? Is potty training turning into a potty mess?

Fear not, brave parent! I am here to guide you and your little one on a journey towards sweet dreams, happy toddlers, and dry pants.

I'm Hayley, I specialise in toddler sleep, toddler behaviour, and potty training. My passion is about helping parents just like you navigate the exciting, yet challenging, world of parenting.

I understand that every toddler is unique, and that's why I offer personalised coaching that is tailored to meet the needs of you and your little one. With my gentle guidance and practical tips, you and your toddler will embark on a journey filled with fun, love, and confidence.  

 Let's get started!

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I understand the challenges that come with raising a toddler. That's why I'm here to support you and your child by developing a customised plan that addresses their unique needs and behavior. Whether your child is struggling with tantrums or transitions, I will provide you with effective strategies and tips to help manage their behavior and foster a positive and nurturing environment.

The goal is to help you and your child navigate this exciting, but sometimes challenging, stage of life with confidence and ease.


Getting your toddler to sleep through the night can be a difficult task.  As well as coaching I provide customised sleep plans that are tailored to your child's unique needs and habits.

The goal is to help your child develop healthy sleep habits and patterns, resulting in a more restful night's sleep for your whole family. 


Potty training can be a challenging and frustrating experience for both parents and toddlers. I'm here to support you and your child every step of the way.  I will work with you to create a tailored plan that addresses your child's individual needs and learning style. From positive reinforcement techniques to handling accidents, I will provide you with practical tips and strategies to make the potty training process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

The goal is to help your child reach this important milestone with confidence and success.

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We approached Hayley for some support with our sons sleeping- she not only managed to get him sleeping through the night within a few months again, falling asleep independently but also helped us with a lot of behavioural aspects too.
She had a wonderfully gentle approach and really takes the time to get to know your child’s personality, your families routine etc. we really appreciated Hayley’s help so much.

-Sleep Support



My philosophy is simple, I really want parents to feel relaxed and confident about how they raise their children. 
In all the services I provide I have core values I apply:

Supporting With Kindness

No one needs to hear about what they have done wrong when looking for support- you want someone to be kind, understanding and non judgmental. I really believe that the reasons that have brought you to me is unique …… raising a family is tough- your story is your own.


I know you are the absolute expert when it comes to your child. This is why I will empower you to listen to your instincts, your gut and most of all your child.

Each Family Is Special

I have a realistic understanding that each child is unique, each family is different and therefore I work with you closely so I can tailor support that feels right for you and more importantly- works for you.

Age Appropriate Expectations

I am a huge believer in sharing information about realistic expectations for young children- sometimes we can expect too much and even too little. Sharing knowledge about child development is key for families to relax and understand their child effectively.

Perfect parenting

No such thing! I don’t believe that we are perfect or even can be, but I do think our children teach us as much about ourselves as we teach them. So I focus on giving yourself grace and always learning from situations and encourage growth in confidence to keep moving forward.


Drawing on my years of experience, I incorporate a variety of different strategies into my approach to support your family. I will get to know your individual needs and come up with a personalised program that is comfortable, effective, and most importantly works for you.

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Little Ones At Home Hayley

My Story

It has been a privilege to have worked with families for over 20 years. I have always had a passion for understanding, encouraging and teaching each child I have had the pleasure of knowing.

I am qualified in child development, certified in sleep coaching and rated “outstanding” by Ofsted for my work with children and families.

By owning my own early years setting, I have been able to focus on how children learn, interact and grow, which has been a joy, and given me wonderful insight into how each child is special and unique.

My experience with families is something I am incredibly proud of and what really makes me who I am. I have learnt so much from each and every one. 

And……..importantly, I am a mum! I am a mum of three, who started motherhood under the most extreme and difficult circumstances. This is the biggest motivation of why I have created Little Ones At Home. I completely empathise that life can feel overwhelming and raising children can feel like a rollercoaster of phases, stages and milestones. Support is key to relieve this pressure pot so we can get to the important things as a family…..laughing, loving and connecting.

Little Ones at Home is dedicated to empowering parents and guiding their little ones towards a happy and healthy future. 

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I would love to hear from you if you are in need of support for you or your toddler. Book a chat or pop your details in the form and I will get in touch.

Booking a free chat is the first step in making change, find out how I can help your unique circumstances and for you to find out if I am the right fit for your family.

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